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Why Should a Seller choose Cave Creek Auction Company ? 

- Because, We truly believe in .....

  • Building long-lasting customer relationships

  • Offering the best consignment terms in the business

  • Providing the best customer service possible

  • Maintaining an open line of communication

  • Placing honesty and integrity above of all else

  • Maintaining a staff and network of knowledgeable subject matter experts across all respects of collecting

  • Meeting the unique needs of individual consignors

  • Providing no cost appraisal / consignment evaluation

  • Matching consigned items to the auction venue where they will achieve the highest possible price

  • Providing expansive global marketing through print, email, Internet, trade shows, direct mail, television and radio

  • Incorporating a multi-medium bidding platform to accommodate as many bidders / collectors as possible through floor, phone, absentee and Live/Absentee Internet Bidding

  • Working diligently and hard for consignors, as we realize and respect the fact they entrust great responsibility in us

  • Paying consignors out quickly

  • Utilizing the latest technology, marketing and auction techniques in order to achieve the highest price possible !



Why Auction? ......Because Selling Through Competitive Bidding Achieves The Highest Price Possible For Valuables & Collectibles.

Auctions achieve the highest price possible for valuables - sell through global collector competition, not negotiation. Marketing and selling collectibles, coins, jewelry, fine art, antiques, silver, militaria, historical documents, memorabilia, timepieces & esoteric items through auction allows thousands of serious collectors from around the world to simultaneously compete - and the one willing to pay the most to prevail. This is how a seller achieves the most money possible for valuables & collectibles. No other form of trade or commerce can duplicate the advantages of a properly marketed and executed auction.

You may find yourself asking: What are the advantages in selling through auction ?  

  Fact: Throughout history, auctions have created more real value than all other forms of trade combined.

Auctions create real value: There is no better method of sale by which a you will realize more money for your valuables than through a properly marketed, managed and executed auction. Auctions bring thousands of interested global collectors together at a given point in time to competitively bid on goods and services. This competition of interested parties drives value. The value created through auction is real, and when the hammer falls, you know you achieved the highest price possible for your valuables.

Don't limit your potential by selling valuables privately: Selling valuable items privately leaves a you at grave risk of making a significant pricing error. Private sales have negotiated price ceilings, meaning you set the ask price and then the buyer negotiates a lower price. Don't place yourself at risk by setting a price ceiling or confining yourself to a limited buyer base / geographic area. A seller will never know how much a private buyer was truly willing to pay. Tap the potential of auction, where a global audience of collectors compete, and know you are maximizing the potential return on your most valued possessions. Also one must not overlook the dangers in having complete strangers call and visit your home, this is not a pricing risk, but a physical risk.

Synopsis: Auctions DO NOT have price ceilings! Contracting the services of an experienced and professional auction company like Cave Creek Auctions to properly market your valuables to a global audience of truly interested collectors, where the buyers are allowed to openly compete and the highest bid prevail, is the only way you know you have achieved the highest price possible for your valuables !

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Cave Creek Auctions specializes in the auctioning of Classic and Collector Cars & Motorcycles, RV's, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Diamonds,Timepieces - clocks, designer & luxury pocketwatches / wristwatches, Coins / Numismatics, Currency / Paper Money, Sterling Silver, Fine Art, Ivory, Musical Instruments, Glassware & Pottery, Historical Documents & Paper, Autographs & Signatures, Memorabilia,Antiquities, Statuary - fine porcelains, bronzes, Militaria / Military Antiques, Firearms - antique, black powder, matchlocks, military issued,Oddities, Unknowns & One-Of-A-Kind Pieces, Esoteric Items and more. If it's unusual, we would love to see it !!! If you are in the need of selling an estate, contact Cave Creek Auction for a Free No Obligation Consultation. Learn how CCA,s Professional Auction Services can benefit you.